Terms & Conditions

A) ORDERS           

 1- Only orders confirmed by email will be processed.  No SMS or TELEPHONIC orders will be accepted. 

 2 - Description of product, quantity, size, colour & fragrance must be clearly specified when placing your order.

 3 - We work off the international Pantone colour chart.  If the colour cannot be described please note the Pantone

  number on your order.  For your convenience the Pantone chart is available on the following website: 


 4-  We do not accommodate consignments.       

 5 - Please make sure that the items and quantities are correct on the Sales Order received from us. 

 6 - If for any reason you are not satisfied with the order, please contact Aurora within 7 days of receipt. 

  Please supply us with a full detailed report for the reason not satisfied and should this reason be valid &

  accepted by Aurora, we shall return & replace the rejected stock.     



B) LEAD IN PERIODS          

  Aurora is a semi automated manufacturer and all products are handmade.  We do not stock large amounts of items.

  Please plan ahead to place your orders in time.  It is not always possible to entertain urgent orders as our production

  lines are planned & booked in advance.       

  Lead in periods:          

  Availability of raw materials, delivery schedules from suppliers, load shedding and unexpected manufacturing setbacks have an influence on lead in periods and production times.  Aurora always strives to keep to our normal lead in periods but the above mentioned factors must be kept in mind when you place your order. 

   100 - 1000 units: 5 -7 working days       

   1001 - 6000 units: 7 -10 working days       

   6000 - 10 000 units: 10 - 15 working days      

   10 000 - 15 000 units: 15 - 21 working days      

   15 000 - 30 000 units: 21 - 35 working days      

   more than 30 000 units:  Please enquire.       



 1 - We offer embossed or embedded logo's or text on custom made soap as well as any other soap shape of your choice.

 2 - A once off fee is charged for the logo plate and new soap mould.     

 3 - All designs for logo plates must be supplied to us in 300 dpi in any of the following formats:   

  Coral Draw, Photoshop CS, Adobe Illustrator, high definition jpeg.     

 4 - These custom made soap moulds & logo designs on the soap will be exclusive to you only.  

 5 - We cannot offer exclusivity on basic shapes without a logo.     



 1 - A minimum value of R1000.00 excl VAT is required on the initial purchase to qualify for our Wholesale prices.

 2 - All repeat sales must be minimum R500.00 excl VAT to qualify for the Wholesale prices.  

 3 - There is no minimum unit quantities if standard stock is purchased from our factory shop.  

  Minimum orders per product only apply when we have to manufacture.    

 4 - Please take note that we do not stock large quantities in our factory shop.  If you need more than 10 units per product

  please order in advance.         


   Hospitality soaps: minimum of 100 units per colour / fragrance    

   Soap bars (65g or larger):  minimum of 30 units per colour fragrance   

   LIQUIDS & CREAMS        

   Foam Bath, Shower Gel, Liquid Soap, Shampoo, Conditioner, Massage Oil, Bath Oil, Room & Linen Mist,

   Body Lotion, Body Butter, Body Scrub, Body Mask.     

   Minimum of 1 liter / kg per colour / fragrance      

   BATH CRYSTALS        

   Minimum of 1 kg per colour / fragrance      

   BATH FIZZERS        

   Mini Fizzers: minimum of 10 x 100 pack per colour / fragrance    

   Medium Fizzers: 60 units per variant
Large Fizzers: minimum of 30 units variant

   Bath Bomb Fizzers: minimum of 14 units variant     

   All overruns will be invoiced for       


 1  Aurora does not supply cosmetic packaging or labels on custom made orders.

 2  We do not accommodate contact filling.  We only supply custom products in bulk.

 3 We do not make custom formulations for products. We only supply our own tried and tested formulations.
   We are happy to add compatible additives to customise a product.


F) SAMPLES           

  We only supply one sample per product to Wholesale Clients with the prospect of ordering our products. 

  All other samples will be invoiced.        



 1 - Aurora is not in a position to do deliveries.  Aurora prefer our clients to arrange collections of orders via their own couriers.

  Aurora do have a contracted courier that we can use on request.     

 2 - No arranged deliveries are insured unless requested.      

 3 - Aurora cannot be held liable for any losses or damages incurred after the release of the order from our factory.

 4 - Please send clear collection / delivery instructions to us.  Only email instructions will be acknowledged. 

 5 - Additional levy will be charged to pack export orders.      

 6 - All our products are professionally packed and boxes are labelled.     

 7 - All orders must be collected from our factory 72 hours after notification that the order is ready.  

  Demurrage fees will be charged on orders not collected after 72 hours.  1% of order value will be charged per day
and 5% after 10 days.


H) INGREDIENTS          

 1 - Ingredient lists are available on all products on request.      

 2 - All our products are manufactured by proven formulations and are not subject to change.  

 3 - All custom made products will be our formulated base product with added colour, fragrance and other material of your choice.

 4 - We use FD&C (Food, Drug & Cosmetic) colourants.  These are water base colourants.  Due to the water based colours in

  multi-coloured soaps, the colours do bleed into each other.  This is normal.    

 5 - We only use cosmetic grade fragrances.  Please take note that some fragrances do change the colour of the product.

  Example: Vanilla and Fenjal gives a product a brownish colour and will intensify over time.    

  Please discuss this with us in your choice of colour & fragrance combinations.   


I) PAYMENT & PRICES          

 1 - Prices may change without notice due to availability / cost of raw materials.  Please contact us to confirm prices.

 2 - Aurora will send you a Sales Order / Pro-Forma Invoice after receipt of your order.  Please check quantities & items on this


 3 - Full payment on confirmed custom order is required.  Funds need to reflect in our account before we start manufacturing.

 4 - All our prices are Ex-Factory.        

 5 - Aurora is not geared for credit facilities.  All orders & purchases to be paid upfront.  

 6 - No order will be release without full payment.       

 7 - We do not release partial orders.