300g Large, Colourful, Round Soap on a Rope.

Each variant is enriched with its own natural plant butter.


Available in:

- Pomegranate with Shea Butter (Source of Vit A, E, & F. Highly moisturising. Natural SPF. Soothes Eczema. Skin Strengthening. Boosts skin regeneration.)

- Mango & Passionfruit with Mango Butter (Highly moisturising. Soothes dry & itchy skin. High in anti-oxidants. Soothes Eczema. Boosts skin regeneration.)

- Coconut & Lemon with Cocoa Butter (Naturally anti-ageing. Highly moisturising. Skin strengthening. Boosts skin regeneration. Creates a protective layer on the skin.)

- Avocado & Mint with Avocado Butter (Soothes Eczema. Increases skin elasticity. Prevents dry skin. High in Anti-oxidants. Skin strengthening.)

- Spearmint with Charcoal and Mafura Butter (Improves the overall condition and health of the skin. Good for hair and scalp. Encourages cell regeneration.)




Butter Soap