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250g Glycerine soap collection, each infused with its own plant oil to elevate the skin in its own natural way. Luxuriously moisturizing, it blends the purity of glycerine with nourishing plant oils, leaving your skin silky smooth. Indulge in the natural goodness, as each wash becomes a spa-like experience, embracing hydration and botanical radiance.


Available in:

Baobab Oil - Topaz Fragrance (Blue colour). Baobab oil, a skin savior. Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, it moisturizes, rejuvenates, and enhances skin elasticity for a radiant glow.

Kalahari Melon Seed Oil - Lime, Melon & Mint Fragrance (Light Olive Green colour). Packed with antioxidants and essential fatty acids, it hydrates, revitalizes, and restores skin elasticity.

Coffee Bean Oil - Salted Vanille Fragrance (No Colour added). Reduces inflammation, brightens complexion, and fights free radicals for a rejuvenated and refreshed glow.

Pomegranate Seed Oil - Strawberry & Papaya Fragrance (Coral red colour). Abundant in antioxidants, it hydrates, promotes collagen production, and rejuvenates skin for a radiant, youthful complexion.

Raspberry Seed Oil - Pink Cashmere Fragrance (Pink Colour). High in antioxidants, it shields from UV rays, nourishes, and promotes a healthy glow.

Marula Oil - Exotic Island Fragrance (Orange colour). Marula Oil, liquid gold for skin. Packed with antioxidants and fatty acids, it hydrates, reduces inflammation, and promotes a radiant complexion.

Bespoke Hand-Cut Soap

SKU: BS250
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